Here’s a partial list of products I have taken from an idea to a warehouse full of products ready for sale.

  • Strider

  • Landrider

  • Prevelo Bikes

  • Paramount Bicycles

  • Predator BMX (Schwinn)

  • DiamondBack full suspension bikes

I’m Brad Hughes, they call me the Sourcing Doctor.  I grew up in Chicago where I started my career at Schwinn Bicycle company in 1970’s.  Since then, I have work my entire career in bicycle and sporting goods product sourcing.  I have worked for Schwinn, Diamondback, Mongoose, Raleigh, Cannondale and GT Bicycles.

I have been sourcing products from Asia on behalf of North American and European companies since 1985.  I have extensive on the ground sourcing expertise in Taiwan, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and other south east Asia countries.

I lived in Taiwan from 2005 to 2017 and now live in Ventura County, California.

I am a marketing, business coaching and supply chain solutions consultant dedicated to the improvement of your business both big and small. With over 40 years of international business experience I can provide the market intelligence necessary to develop, launch and sustain your brand in highly competitive consumer categories.

My focus is to provide outstanding service to a select number of clients specializing in all phases of marketing/ business planning, product development, supply chain and product sourcing. I specialize in the active lifestyle, leisure sport industry.

Historical Successes

  • Complete redesign of all marketing materials for Alexrims & A Class wheel sets
  • Ground up full suspension project completed for Diamondback Bicycles.
  • Successful completion of a new range of parts & accessories for Avenier.
  • Successful launch of a new line of bicycles that resulted in over $200, 000 non-budgeted profits.
  • Created and launched Bengal Performance Disc Brakes resulting in over $3 usd million in sales.
  • Created and launched two new brands (RUSH and Radius) resulting in over $2 usd million in sales.
  • Successfully co-developed and sourced the Diggler, 20” mountain scooter.
  • Successfully co-developed and sourced the range of Land Rider Bicycles.
  • Successfully co-developed and sourced the Strider, 12″, 16″ and 20″ balance bikes.
  • Successfully co-developed and sourced the Prevelo Bikes line of premium childrens’ bikes.
  • Successfully co-developed and sourced the Roller Loader canoe transporter.
  • Successfully sold into various OEM/AM channels a series of bicycle components resulting in over $5 Million in sales.
  • Created break through marketing/creative campaigns.
  • Created corporate branding & positioning plans
  • Secured numerous product reviews in global publications.
  • Successfully sourced golf towels and golf head covers in China.
  • USA Patent holder
  • Co-developed over 25 new products.
  • Placed media buys and issued dozens of PR campaigns for four clients.
  • Annual market trend analysis.
  • Tooling capacity and utilization plan for a large North American brand to include detailed monthly
  • Tracking reports, safety stock analysis, model year change over.
  • Copywriter, brand name development, product developer, creative director, trade show booth design, customer service.


  • Former BPSA board member
  • Taiwan Cycling Association
  • Panel member Taiwan R&D Center annual design contest
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