• In 2007, when I was just beginning the Strider bike company, I was seeking help on overseas manufacturing.  I had never done anything like that before in my life so I was starting from scratch.  Brad Hughes was recommended to me by a long-time bicycle industry consultant.  Brad helped me take my idea from hand sketches and a hand built prototype to full CAD and mass manufacturing.  And, he helped me do it in an extremely short timeframe.  Business moves so fast today that speed to market is critical, and Brad was a tremendous help.

    Ryan McFarland
    Ryan McFarland Founder & President, Strider Sports International, Inc.
  • Brad was critical is getting our line of bicycles to market quickly and with good craftsmanship.  He guided me through the entire process of having our bikes made, including drafting specifications sheets, having engineering drawings made, getting bids from vendors, sourcing and quality control.  Brad's 4+ decades of experience in the bicycle industry is apparent as soon as you begin working with him.  He excels at taking ideas for products and turning them into a reality. Brad has a deep understanding of every step of the product development process.  Hopefully one day he will document his knowledge in a book for those looking to learn how to develop and source products.  In the meantime, I can think of no better first step to bringing a product to market than calling Brad.

    Jacob Rheuban
    Jacob Rheuban Founder, Prevelo Bikes
  • During the initial discussions on the design and sourcing of the LandRider bicycle, Brad Hughes was a critical and trusted resource.   He was our primary contact in Asia and responsible for the development and manufacturing of the LandRider bicycle.  Additionally, over many years and more than a dozen production runs, he provided on site quality assurance, inspection and oversight of tens of thousands of manufactured units.   This process often required spending 2 weeks or more at the factories in Asia to ensure each and every LandRider bicycle met our standards. His experience with many of the largest bicycle manufacturers in Asia, combined with his expertise and knowledge of the consumer bicycle industry was a valuable addition to our US based management team.  Should we have a project similar in the future, we would without hesitation utilize Brad and his network of vast resources to assist us.

    Chief Executive Officer, LandRider Bicycles
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